Our Hairdreams

Long-term Solution for Hair Loss

Stop and Grow Hair loss solution


Hairdreams “Stop&Grow” terminates hair loss while stimulating new hair growth!

Stop&Grow reduces hair loss and very effectively stimulates new hair growth and no other comparable product has done this before!

Benefits of Stop&Grow:

  • Stops or significantly reduces hair loss
  • Boosts hair root activity
  • Strengthens and anchors existing hair roots
  • Detoxifies scalp
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Improves hair structure

This is how it works:

1. Consultation & Scalp Analysis

Enjoy complete privacy within the Hairdreams COUTURE VIP Suites.
An in-depth consultation and analysis of your situation are key aspects. We conduct a detailed analysis of your scalp and roots using a special micro camera.

2. Therapy Treatment Plan in the Salon and at Home

We create a customized therapeutic plan for you, consisting of treatments that are scheduled regularly in the salon, coupled with daily treatments at home using Hairdreams Stop&Grow.


What makes Stop&Grow so special?

  • New, patented treatment formula “PHT-Complex
    The PHT-Complex is a new substance that has been developed by Hairdreams in collaboration with renowned scientists, cosmetics experts and dermatologists.
  • Effective “2-Phase” system
    – Phytohormones
    (plant-based hormones that activate cell functions and stimulate hair growth)
    – Tetra-G Collagen (anchors hair roots and prevents hair loss)

Booster Phase

TaurinBooster (enhance microcirculation and boosts effectiveness of the main substances)

This “2-Phase” system stimulates cell division so that inactive hair roots will be activated and resume production of new and healthy hair.

Proven effectiveness.

The effectiveness of Stop&Grow was tested and confirmed in a study conducted by renowned expert Dr. Fischer at the dermatology clinic of University Lübeck*

Stop & Grow Booster Effect

The study examined cell activity in hair roots, as well as speed of hair growth:

Cell Activity in Hair Roots

  • PHT increases cell activity responsible for hair growth by 32%
  • Cell activity increases approx. 6 times more than the most well-known medical substance used in hair growth products

Speed of Hair Growth

  • Hair treated with PHT grows 10% faster on average than before
  • With PHT, speed of hair growth is twice as much when compared to a well-known medical substance being used in hair growth products


  • PHT increases the quantity of active hair roots by +23% compared to before
  • Up to 14,000 additional hairs grow within 3 months

Stop and grow results


We make your Hairdreams® come true!

Book your Appointment (free consultation)

**The consultation takes about 30 to 45 minutes; booking your appointment in advance is therefore strongly recommended.

* ) In-Vitro Study / Clinic of Dermatology at University of Luebeck / Dr. Fischer  Ph.D./ 2014

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