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• Where does the hair come from?

Hairdreams uses only 100% real human hair that has been procured all over the world in adherence with strict ethical principles.

• Do I have to wait for a specific length?
After the consultation, Hairdreams strands are selected according to your desired hair style, your own hair colour or your desired colour, and your hair structure. We have a large selection of Hairdreams strands in our salon and are able to apply your extensions immediately after your consultation. If we do not have the Hairdreams hair in stock, we can order hair and receive it within 4 days.

• How Long Does the Application of the Strands Take?
The amount of time it takes to apply Hairdreams strands depends on your current hair condition and the final look you want to achieve. For example, shorter hair lengths require more time for strand application than a simple hair thickening service. Partial hair lengthening and thickening services, e.g. bangs, is a faster process. First and foremost, the amount of time required depends on the number of strands that need to be applied. Your consultant will give you an estimated time of the application period.

• How much does a Hairdreams hair creation (hair lengthening and thickening) service cost?
The cost for Hairdreams hair creation (lengthening and thickening service) widely depends on a few factors. First, it is important to determine what hairstyle you want to achieve, and what condition your own hair is in. With this information, we can decide on how many strands, what length, which texture and which hair quality (Imperial or 5 Star) are going to be used for your customized Hairdreams hair creation.
Please contact us and get your consultation appointment, our consultant can give you an exact price.

• Does Hairdreams hair creations (hair lengthening and thickening) look natural? Are the strands visible?
Hairdreams Hair Creations look and feel completely natural and are not noticeable to people who don’t know that you are wearing them. Your Hairdreams Couture Salon matches the Hairdreams strands to your own hair’s texture and colour, the correct application of the strands ensures a perfect result.

• Will I feel where the strands are attached to my own hair or, will I feel the bondings?
All Hairdreams Bondings are very small and therefore hardly noticeable. The diversity of the size and shape of bondings allows for a perfect fit of your Hairdreams strands to your own hair.

• How are the strands removed?
We use the Hairdreams’ Removal Solution to remove the Hairdreams strands. This is a special solution which allows for extra gentle removal. The Removal Solution is applied to the Bondings and penetrates the Bonding material. The material quickly becomes malleable and softens, so the strands can simply slide off your own hair. Your own hair and the Hairdreams hair strands are not damaged in any way by the Removal Solution.

• How long do the Hairdreams hair creations (hair lengthening and thickening) last in my hair?
The wearing period of Hairdreams hair creations depends on your individual hair growth, the texture and volume of your own hair and your desired hairstyle.
The Bondings slowly move away from your scalp corresponding with your natural hair growth. Therefore, the Bondings will be more visible after about four to six months, and should be removed.
If you used Hairdreams Imperial Quality hair strands, then you can re-use the hair for another two wearing periods. This service is called Rebonding, and allows you to wear your hair for up to 1.5 years.

• Are Hairdreams hair creations (hair lengthening and thickening) difficult to maintain?
You need to take care of your Hairdreams hair creations as you would your own long hair. We have a special Hairdreams Hair Care Line, which is specially formulated to meet the needs of Hairdreams 100% real human hair strands. Your Hairdreams hair is no longer connected to your scalp and therefore is not naturally supplied with conditioning nutrients. The Hairdreams Hair Care Products target this natural deficiency and balance it. When used regularly, your Hairdreams Hair will retain its beautiful shine, optimal elasticity and brilliant color.

• Can I Style And Colour the Hair as Usual?
You can style your hair as usual using your blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron. The same is true for other processes such as perming or colouring. Having a Hairdreams hair creations (lengthening and thickening services) does not mean that you are stuck with one particular hairstyle.
However, chemical processes like colouring, tinting or perming can drastically change the texture and surface of the hair, thus overstressing it. You should only allow Hairdreams Couture Salon perform such services in order to get the most out of your Hairdreams hair creation.
Brush your hair several times a day from roots to ends using our special Hairdreams Brush in order to prevent tangles.
When blow drying, be careful not to set the blow dryer too hot, and to keep it at a distance of at least 20cm. Extreme heat can damage or dry out your Hairdreams Hair.
Beauty Sleep: Tie your hair or put it in a braid before you go to sleep. This is how you avoid tangles with your Hairdreams Hair.

• Are Hairdreams hair creations (hair lengthening and thickening services) damaging to my own Hair?
A Hairdreams hair creation is very gentle and does not involve chemicals, which ensures that your own hair will not be damaged.
The various strand sizes make it possible to customize hair lengthening and/or thickening for your individual hair type. Furthermore, your own hair is protected by the Hairdreams strands, because the Hairdreams strands wrap around your own hair. We call this the “Shoulder-Effect”. Shoulder length hair usually gets split ends and breaks at the level where your hair touches your shoulders. Thanks to the fact that the Hairdreams strands wrap around your own hair, your natural hair strands can recover during the wearing period and split ends or breakage are further prevented.

• Will the Hairdreams hair creation (hair lengthening or thickening service) make my own hair fall out?
Hairdreams reinforces the protection of your own hair. Therefore your hair stylist is careful to ensure that your Hairdreams strands are attached to the same amount of your own hair.
With the range of Hairdreams′ strand sizes your Hairdreams hair creation (lengthening and thickening service) can be ideally customized for you.

• Can I get a Hairdreams hair creation (hair lengthening and thickening service) with extreme hair loss?
Since extreme hair loss is often caused by medication or hormonal imbalances, the hair loss has to be stopped before Hairdreams strands can be applied. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that the bondings will hold to the strands of your own hair.

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