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Benefits of Volume+

  • Very gentle on your own hair:
    Your existing hair is supplemented and groomed with carefully selected real hair of the highest quality.
  • Look absolutely natural and you will never be able to differentiate from your own hair – 100% Hairdreams real human hair.
  • Color, length and structure are matched to your own hair perfectly
  • Customized solutions for unique hair styles or for specific hair problems.

You may…

  • Wash and blow-dry your hair as if it was your own,
  • Style your hair as you like: pin it up, tie it in a ponytail or let it down – anything is possible!


This is how it works:

1.  Consultation in the Hairdreams COUTURE Consultation Room
Thicken your hair at Hairdreams starting with a free consultation with no obligation.

2.  Application / Integration while making use of your own hair
Our Volume+ hair thickening consists of a micro-fine, virtually invisible hair mesh, which is integrated into your own hair.
With the help of our specialized “Crystal Polymer Ring”, the Hairdreams hair is gently and securely attached to your own hair. Our Volume+ thickening systems come with high-quality Hairdreams real hair, which will complement your own hair in terms of color and length. Patches of your hair where you need beautifying are naturally volumized.
Solutions may be customized to meet any special request in resolving hair problems such as having visible bald patches.

3. Results guaranteed!
The result is an absolutely natural head of hair, which will look as if you were born with it. Erase your insecurities with wigs and it would be absolutely painless as compared to transplants. It boosts a feeling of comfort, confidence, and of course, a mesmerizing head of hair!

We make your Hairdreams® come true!

Book your appointment (free consultation)

The consultation takes about 30 to 45 minutes; booking your appointment in advance is therefore strongly recommended.


Watch the Video about Volume+: