Longer Hair

Laserbeamer NANO (LB_NANO)



For whom?

For anyone who wants a gorgeous and voluminous long head of hair. The only requirement is that your own hair is at least 8-10cm long

Get it in less than an hour with the LB NANO.

My benefits 

  • Barely visible attachment points
  • No limitations to your normal lifestyle
  • No damage to your own hair
  • Integration of 5 strands with the push of a button. Fully automatic, no manual work
  • 45 minutes for a complete Long Hairdreams style
  • Wearing period of up to 8 months. No more time-consuming after-treatments
  • 100% perfectly shaped, identical Nano-bonds        

What is new?

  • More beautiful and exciting results than ever before
  • Completely invisible and imperceptible hair integration
  • No more matting, no more time-consuming after-treatments
  • Super-flat and undetectable bonds
  • Identical bonds
  • No visible transitions
  • Faster and easier application than ever before
  • Fully automatic integration without any manual work
  • Extremely fast and easy removal

How it works

Hairdreams NANOs are fine hair strands used for Hairdreams Hair Creations. The LB_NANO system uses patented NANO technology to permanently integrate just the right amount of Hairdreams NANO strands into your own hair to provide the perfect base for your favorite hairstyle. The Hairdreams® Imperial hair is undetectably integrated in less than an hour and becomes a natural part of your own hair. In addition, it helps protect your own hair from environmental damage such as UV-rays. Depending on your hair growth and hair style, you can wear your Hairdreams NANOs for 3–5 months.

  • Recommended total wearing time: 3-5 months


Hairdreams LN_NANO strands can be refreshed by Hairdreams for you to reuse.

Hairdreams LB_ NANO Strands Refresh Service: If you want to reuse your hair and wear it again, then you should place your Hairdreams Refresh order at the time you have your strands removed.

Attention: Depending on the cut and hairstyle, it is not always possible to refresh all Hairdreams LB_ NANO Strands! The Hairdreams LB_ NANO Strands will lose some length during the refresh service, re-application and styling; usually at least 3cm.

Product Range

  • Standard Length: 25, 35, 45 and 55 cm. Custom lengths of up to 75 cm are possible.
  • Standard Colors: 18 color combinations. Any custom colors are possible.
  • Structures: straight, wavy 1, wavy 2, curly, natural waves

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