Common Hair Conditions


It is inevitable that with time, people’s physical appearances change. The change in environmental factors, diets, hormones keep adding up and having to deal with thinning, damaged or broken hairs may not be the most pleasant of experiences. Sometimes, the constant struggle to protect the losing of your healthy mane may even get too tiresome.

With over 20 years of extensive research and development for refining hair, Hairdreams has developed a series of modern techniques and services that cater to your needs, quickly. Add volume, length, colour or have it all in no time at all!

At Hairdreams®, our passion is to provide you with the hair that you truly desire. Healthy, smooth and luscious hair is not necessarily a thing of the past but something you can look forward to! So lift the stress off of your shoulders; let our Hairdreams stylists help you make undesirable hairdos a thing of the past. Enjoy lustrous, beautiful hair with Hairdreams – Volume, Long, and Creative!

Hair Loss

For both men and women, dropping of hair as it is being shampooed or combed happens on a daily basis. With the changes in hormone levels, added physical or emotional stress, the frequency and amount of hairs falling from the scalp may fluctuate.

For some, this noticeable hair loss, or alopecia, is temporary, but for some others, not so much. Over the years, doctors and medical experts have come up with products that promise to combat those issues. However, some of these take too long to show results or even prove to be effective at all. Most people end up with a wig, while losing hair with uncontrolled hair fall, resulting in thinning hair.

So why wait for something that may never even happen when Hairdreams gives you the results you want now?

Take pleasure in enjoying the fullness of lustrous, thick, hair again with Hairdreams MICROLINES System as our professional Hairdreams stylists spring your hair back to plump life in under 45 minutes!

Stop waiting for your hair to grow. Fall in love with your luscious, happy and healthy Hairdreams® hair today!


Hair Breakage

Damaged hair can lead to tangled masses, and unknotting them may just be the ultimate test of one’s luck. Sometimes your hair will cooperate but hearing the occasional pop when tugging at it is never a good sign. While losing about 100 strands of hair a day may be considered normal, frequent hair breakage is a sign of stressed and unhealthy hair.

Harsh environments, tight ponytails, hair bleaching, or the changes in diet are just some of the causes that make your hairs snap. The breakage could cause split ends and make it seem like your hair is thinning and it isn’t growing out as fast as it used to.

However, with the Laserbeamer NANO system, our Hairdreams stylists can integrate strong, luscious, Long hair seamlessly into your own! Say no to commonly available poor quality hair extensions that tangle, frizz, break, and don’t keep their shape.

No need to wait forever for your hair to grow out healthy and strong, just enjoy long hairstyles and lustrous hair in less than 45 minutes with Long!


Hair Damage

In the quest for The Ideal Hairstyle, it’s quite likely that you have tried and tested a variety of products and services to the point that your hair texture could have been damaged by incompatible treatments.

Adding to that, there’s the self-dyeing, daily blow-drying, flat-ironing, and maybe even the styling of slightly damp hair – and at this point, your once healthy and shiny hair, could be fragile, coarse, and brittle that it tends to break, leaving you with unhealthy, unevenly-lengthed hair.

Don’t let frazzled hair ruin the dream of your most desired hairstyle, take charge of your hair today with Hairdreams! Explore a myriad of styles, no hairstyle is out of reach!  Let our Hairdreams stylists take care of your styling needs!

Go bold with us too when you unleash your creative desires with Creative, where you can have perfectly healthy, brilliant coloured hair of superb hair quality.

Make your ultimate Hairdreams come true with hair so plush, that flaunting is a must!


Scalp Damage

Healthy scalps encourage hair growth. However, with the growing demands of our busy lifestyles today, it can be very difficult to watch our diets, exercise, or maintain a regimen that is optimal for hair growth. Even with the best care, other issues that destabilise the delicate scalp balance include hormonal imbalances, resulting in dry scalps, pattern baldness or receding hairlines. Other heredity factors may also cause autoimmune conditions like alopecia areata, where the body’s immune system attacks its own hair follicles, thus inhibiting hair growth.

We end up using multiple different shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and hair loss treatments in a bid to maintain healthy scalps and hair, but in the haste for short-term returns, this sometimes becomes counter-productive, and the combination of chemicals leave our scalp worse for wear.

Here at Hairdreams, we’ve developed a sustainable answer to protecting your scalp health. Under our Hairdreams MICROLINES System, our specially formulated Stop&Grow lotion stops hair loss within days, and has been proven to add 14,000 strands over 3 months with regular use. Paired with our Hair Care series, Hairdreams gradually and naturally protects and energizes your scalp and hair with nutrients to restore that balance, encouraging strong, healthy and lustrous hair growth.

With Hairdreams, beautiful hairstyles are naturally yours. Feel the difference with us today.

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