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With tears of joy – Hairdreams MICROLINES System brings a renewed life

Have you ever been to the hairdresser and found your self-confidence again? This is exactly what happened to Uschi  (63) and Suzanna (23), just two of hundreds of other women touched by Hairdreams®. With the new Hairdreams MICROLINES System able to regain their self-confidence and charisma – ready to enjoy their daily lives without any inhibitions and self-imposed limitations.

About 30 years ago, the vivacious Uschi from Würzburg, Germany became seriously ill and her gorgeous, thick hair fell out. Without her hair, she looked older and she felt depressed because of her looks. She turned to expensive wigs for a remedy, but she felt insecure and limited with them: “In the hospital, you always feel lousy anyway and without hair it is even worse. But despite this, you still don’t put on a wig, because you are afraid it will slip off and someone sees it. With my Hairdreams® hair thickening it is totally different! Hair remains fully styled and one is always ready for that unexpected visit.” Since Uschi has been wearing Hairdreams® hair thickening, her confidence has grown since the very first second she got them. Her hairstyle now matches her youthful active personality.

But younger women are also affected by thinning hair and hair loss, like 23-year-old student, Suzanna, from Berlin. . At the age of 18, she suffered from hormonal-related hair loss; her hair grew thin at the crown and her scalp became visible while she was an exchange student in the USA. Due to stress, a poor diet, depression, homesickness and loneliness, it led to increased hair loss and to even greater psychological distress. This young woman rarely left the house without a hat or hair band. But Suzanna refused to give in to her hair loss and took the initiative: In 2006, she had some human hair pieces woven in and she tried out hair pieces with clips, but this was too complicated for her. Because of the extremely high cost, a hair transplant was out of the question for her. After watching a “Next Top Model” episode, the young Berliner became enthusiastic about the possibility of a hair extension. She searched on Google and found Hairdreams®.

It was the start of a new life.

Out with the caps and headbands and an end to hiding bald patches! The 23-year-old found that she had finally not just regained her confidence and her upbeat personality, but most of all, she regained her smile.

Uschi and Suzanna are not alone. According to a recent study[1], baldness and fine and thinning hair is becoming a serious problem for more and more women that cannot be simply resolved with volume promising styling products or mysterious remedies. However, as hair loss increases so does the level of suffering: The majority of those afflicted would rather hide away or fight with depression like Suzanna did. Length and volume of hair are often decisive factors for women’s self-image and personal well-being.

Hairdreams® expert Sandra Schmidbauer knows these problems all too well:

“That is why our specialists have developed a novel system of natural hair thickening, that offers the women concerned a lasting, quick and straightforward solution without any chemicals or surgical procedures, far removed from the world of wigs.”

Whether it is split hair tips, advanced hair loss or thinning hair: The Hairdreams MICROLINES System concept offers different methods of hair thickening for individual and customized solutions for every hair problem.


The results of before-and-after comparisons for both Uschi and Suzanna are quite remarkable especially with the increased self-confidence and a positive feeling of well-being.

[1] Allensbach Institute of Public Opinion Research

New sense of life thanks to Hairdreams Intelligent Hair Matrix

Hairdreams Microlines Hair Thickening Method

Hairdreams Partner-Salon YES VIP in Prague helps his clients not only achieve amazingly beautiful hair with extensions but also changes the life of women with extremely fine and thinning hair or even with partial hair loss.

Thanks to Hairdreams MICROLINES System Zuzana, who suffers from thinning hair, now can enjoy healthy, long, thick hair. In an interview she talks about her hair problems, the advantages of Hairdreams MICROLINES System and how it has changed her hair…..

When did you start having problems with hair loss? How did you deal with it?
My hair problems began in my teenage years. My hair did not fall, it just disappeared. In the first phase I dealt with it with different hair products using natural remedies. I even attended a clinic in Germany with no results whatsoever. Then, I underwent three hair transplants. Unfortunately, the results of this transplant did not meet my expectations at all.

Did this lack of hair annoy you and complicate your life? How?
Of course, it annoyed me very much. Hair adorns women’s beauty and if you do not have the long, thick hair, your self-esteem suffers tremendously.

Why did you not choose to wear a wig?
I never wanted to wear a wig. In my opinion, there’s more work that I have to do with it. Although there are already wigs available today that offer a more natural look, it’s clearly visible it’s a wig. When wearing a wig, you are limited in activities that you can do – you cannot have fun in the water during holidays and you cannot do your occasional recreational sports. It’s all out of the question when you are wearing wigs.

Are you satisfied with this Hairdreams method?
I am very satisfied, I would say that I am very excited, and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with the same problem as I am.

In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this Hairdreams method?
The main advantage I find is that it will not limit you in any way (sports, swimming, sauna and other activities). You cannot say the same for wigs. You can take care of the Hairdreams hair as if it were your real hair. And in reality, it really becomes naturally part of your hair. It’s not anything you would leave at night next to your bed or in the bathroom next to the shower. Disadvantages? Someone with naturally thick hair could say that a visit every six weeks to a hairdresser for adjustment could be a disadvantage. But in reality, when you suddenly have your thick, lustrous hair, each visit is a very pleasant occasion.

Did it change your life in any way?
If the increase of my self-esteem could be taken as life-changing, then definitely yes!

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