Natural-looking hair extensions for those who want long tresses.Hairdreams Salon Singapore - interior

Hairdreams Hair Creation, price on request

Luscious long tresses are possible these days—sans the long wait and test to our patience—through hair extensions. But Hairdreams offers something that goes beyond this: They offer clients hair creations that result in new hair lengths that are so natural looking, it is virtually impossible to distinguish your extensions from your own hair.

Founded in Austria in 1992 by Gerhard Ott and his wife, Hairdreams Couture Salon has perfected its pioneering technology and technique to add length and refinement to natural hair. The Hairdreams uses only the finest and healthiest, hand-selected real hair that have been specially treated to guarantee an optimal condition before they are approved for use. These strands are then integrated with the client’s own hair using unique, patented techniques ensuring perfect comfort, invisibility and hair body while protecting and improving the condition of the natural hair.

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